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Rich clinical experience & skilled medical team make


Together We Will Keep Up The Good Work By Best Quality of Medical Treatment,

Suitable Service & Facilities and 120% Customer Satisfaction



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01 | Reliable
Hospital Reliable in all aspect


IZIEN PLASTIC SURGERY 's motto is trust. Reliable hospital is rare among plastic surgeries spring up everywhere. IZIEN PLASTIC SURGERY is different with recommended by customer and selected by customer.

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02 | Experience
Plastic Surgery with Experienced Medical Professional


IZIEN PLASTIC SURGERY is affiliated with Samsung Medical Center and has safety system with solid networks with branch affiliated medical specialist. Even regarding anesthesia, operation and treatment; safety system is different in IZIEN PLASTIC SURGERY.

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03 | Price
Reliable Pricing Policy


Medical team of IZIEN PLASTIC SURGERY is always kind and familiar to everybody, while pursues perfect in sensitive parts than anyone in consulting, operation and treatment.
To have a best condition on the day of operation, we made efforts from the day before the operation and for clients we do not get heavy schedules. From consulting, operation to follow-up service IZIEN makes differences.

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04 | Detail
Friendly but Meticulous Plastic Surgery


Even we are elite plastic surgery specialized hospital located in Apgujeong-dong, we always make efforts to lessen your burden. Some thoughtless plastic surgeries lay a burden on clients with payment of plastic surgery, but in IZIEN PLASTIC SURGERY there is no such things happened.
Even if Medical appliances and operation stuffs are all systematically examined, IZIEN is different with pricing ways to lessen client’s burden.

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05 | Safety
Plastic Surgery with Safety Systems


Medical teams of IZIEN PLASTIC SURGERY are made of well experienced specialist in plastic surgery.
With ceaseless studies, inventing new ways of operation and instruments achieved recognition by clients, plastic surgery specialist and mass media. Well experienced medical teams, reliable ways of plastic surgery and carefully selected safe operation stuffs make IZIEN different.