Eye Surgery

Numerous women begrudge “Korean Eye Surgery” which are expansive, round and have characterized Double Eyelids. Have you ever thought about how this can look on you?

What are the techniques that make up the pined for Korean eye?

The Double Eyelid

Firstly the Double Eyelid is vital. We perform both cutting and sewing technique for Double Eyelids to make an exceptionally common and characterized Double Eyelid. For women who have unnecessary fats on the upper eyelid, we may need to do a cutting style Double Eyelid, to evacuate the abundance puffy fats. For the women who have a pleasant thin skin on the upper eyelid, a sewing procedure utilizing our Enhanced DST technique accomplishes great symmetry with low downtime and an extremely regular result.

The Eye Widening

Utilizing a method known as Epicanthoplasty, we will augment the eyes and diminish the epicanthic folds. These folds are a sign of Chinese eyes, where the crease darkens the edges of the eyes. Utilizing a negligibly intrusive strategy which shrouds the entry point behind the overlay of skin, we can extend the side-to-side measurement and increment the roundness of the eye.


Which do I require?

While assessing the presence of the eye, a few patients may require either sort of Korean Eye Surgery. In some of our patients, we have found that the mix of both systems has a tendency to synergistically affect the eye, improving the appearance significantly than if they were done exclusively. Our Plastic Surgeon will painstakingly assess the current state of your eye and exhort the right treatment arrange.


What’s the Downtime for Korean Eye Surgery?

The downtime for this system is roughly one week, taking after which the little join will be evacuated. After that, there might be some lingering swelling which could keep going for a couple of weeks. Amid this period, you will look regular, however has some puffiness. After the swelling has died down, the last result is regular and a great many people will be notable tell that you have had a technique done.