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About the prosthesis


Size of the Prosthesis

Types of the Prosthesis

Shape of the Prosthesis

Surface of the Prosthesis


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POINT 01 | Size of the Prosthesis

Deciding the size of the breast prosthesis is as much important as the operation method or the cutting method.
We choose the proper sized prosthesis by deciding the optimal width and height of the breast

POINT 02 | Types of the Prosthesis

Cohesive Gel

It has a better shape and texture compared to ordinary silicone gel prosthesis or saline solution prosthesis.
Also, it reduces the sense of difference which guarantees a natural shape and texture for skinny women.

POINT 03 | Shape of the Prosthesis

Round shape

It is a prosthesis that makes the center to be bulged and the area around it expands evenly.

Water-drop shape

It gives a breast shape that is relatively flat on the upper part and bulged on the lower part which makes
the breast look bigger compared to the round shape prosthesis.

POINT 04 | Surface of the Prosthesis

Smooth type

This type has a smooth texture and surface but a breast massage is necessary after the surgery for the
prosthesis can have the proper amount of space necessary to move

Texture type

This type has a rough and thick surface, but it prevents the breast to become stiff so it does not need a breast
massage and the possibility of side-effect is minor.