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Liposuction by Part

Liposuction By Part is so special?

Possible to remove fat from minor areas of the body / Improves the resilience of the treated area / Comparatively safe and simple surgical procedure/ Minor pain after the surgery / Quick return to the ordinary life due to fast recovery.

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The person who can’t lose weight well through exercise or diet

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The person who in need to diet for specific parts

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The person who suffers repetitive yo-yo syndrome.

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The person whose facial ratio is unbalanced or looks big because of a wide lower jaw.

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POINT 01 | Facial Liposuction

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01. If the jaw shape is blurred because of excessive fat in the jaw
This can be resolved by performing a Neck Liposuction, and can also obtain the effect of increasing the resilience of the skin by using the ultrasonic wave machine.

02. If the line that connects the jaw and neck became dull
This case is cause because of excessive fat on the same area. The surgery is done by opening up the back of the ear in a small degree so that the surgery marks would not show

03. Removal of the Cheek Fat
This surgery avoids the salivary duct to prevent any damage and opens the interior mucus membrane of the mouth for about 1cm and exposes the fat. Then, applies pressure to each side of the cheek and removes the necessary amount of fat and closes the mucus membrane. The key to this operation is to remove the same amount of fat, to thoroughly check the bleeding, and not to remove excessive amount of the fat. This surgery is a relatively simple one done under a topical anesthesia, and the scars will be limited to the interior of the mouth so there would be no worries about scars.

POINT 02 | Upper Body/Abdominal Liposuction

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01. Arm
The surgery is done under a topical anesthesia (Sedation Anesthesia) and by opening the inner part of the armpit or the back of the arm in a small degree. The time of operation is about 1-2 hours. For 1-2 days after the surgery, a bandage must be worn, and afterwards, an elastic wear should be worn for correction.

02. Breast, Armpit
If one desires to enlarge the size of the breast, prosthesis is used, but in the opposite case, the breast Liposuction is used. The process is assisted by a professional who will consult and operate the breast to be more elastic. The surgery method is to perform topical anesthesia or Sedation Anesthesia, than open up the inner armpit in a small degree to minimize the scar and suck out the fat.

03. Abdominal Area
The surgery will be performed by Sedation Anesthesia and the operation time for the lower abdominal area will take twice more than the upper, because there is more fat located in it. A small cut will be made inside the umbilicus and the ultrasonic remover will be inserted to disassemble the fat cells and then sucked them out. The amount of fat removed can vary according to individuals, and is normally 1500-2000CC.

04. Back
The surgery will be performed by general or Sedation Anesthesia, and usually takes 1-2 days of recovery but walking and minor exercises are possible right after the surgery. At this stage, a bandage will be worn and afterwards, elastic clothes will be worn. Workouts using the back will be possible after 2-3 weeks, and subsiding of the swell and smoothening will take the same amount of time.

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Able to choose specific part for fat cutting through partial liposuction.

Able to supply other parts by sucked fat.

Able to shorten recovery time by minimizing tissue damage.